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Brewing System
EdaLife Chrome

CHF 5'450.00CHF 10'980.00

The flagship of our brewing systems. The Chrome compost tea brewing system, made of stainless chrome steel, offers the highest quality without compromise.

One device - three applications

The brewing system is not only excellent for making compost tea, but also for making compost extract and ferments (EM).

Optionally with integrated heating, heating control and insulation - required for the production of ferments.

Made in Switzerland.

Brewing System

CHF 1'950.00CHF 4'535.00
For efficient and gentle multiplication of microbes. Fast and effortless cleaning thanks to sophisticated cleaning system. Suitable for small to medium application quantities.

Compost tea brewing kit

CHF 227.50
The EdaLife V15 compost tea brewing system allows all hobby gardeners to make their own compost tea. Compost tea vitalises your plants with a beneficial community of microorganisms. Thanks to its simple design, cleaning is a breeze.