Lawn care

Migros Golf Park Otelfingen

«The results with the EDAPRO Compost Tea are remarkable: A clear improvement of the turf quality in terms of vitality, root depth and endurance could be observed. The rolling behaviour of the golf ball was noticeably improved due to the homogeneous putting surface. Extremely surprising was the increased germination rate with new or reseeded turf. There were no obstacles with the integration into the existing maintenance concept. Due to the positive properties and the wide range of applications, we will continue to use the EDAPRO plant strengthening agent in the coming years.»

Patrick Montagne, Head Greenkeeper


Heinrich Roth arborist Meilen (ZH) / Stein (SG)

«The effect of EDAPRO Compost Tea is impressive. After several applications, the treated trees had a significantly more vital appearance and showed stronger leaf sprouting. Ash trees that had been struggling with shoot dieback no longer showed any signs of infestation one year after soil and leaf treatment with EDAPRO Compost Tea.»

Marcel Ringger, arboricultural specialist


Arborist St. Gallen

«With EDAPRO Compost Tea we finally have a way to help all trees in a simple way - The simplicity of application, the natural approach and the results are convincing. We have been treating a weakened and abused beech tree with EDAPRO Compost Tea for two years. The improvement of the condition is visibly expressed by strong sprouting, more leaf mass and increased resistance of the tree. It is once again able to shade the sensitive bark itself and is beginning to rebuild dead crown parts. Fruit & vegetables produce a higher yield, ailing lawns turn deep green and potted plants show stronger root growth.»

Colin Hoare, arboricultural specialist